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Hi. I'm Gretchen Asher.   Welcome to The Essential CEO.


In this age of social distancing,

companies need in-house

Change Management capabilities

now more than ever.

I continually see organizations spending too much of their budgeted project dollars on consulting fees. It's time to get off the consultant merry-go-round.

It's easy and affordable to develop internal capability.


I'm changing Change Management consulting to accomplish this.

(Not to toot my own horn, but...)

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Big Firm Consulting

They promise you a fleet of their best and brightest…

but how much experience are you really getting? It's usually not top notch, not to mention long learning curves to "get" your business. Don't forget the extreme high cost.

single consultant.png

The Solo Consultant

Ah, the single independent consultant. Fingers-crossed,

that they have the bandwidth to give you the support you need. And they're still very expensive.


The Classroom Alternative

Vegas is calling for that Change Management Certification program. Sure, it costs less than hiring a consulting firm or a solo consultant.

But is a generalized education from Vegas worth it when they can't directly apply those skills to a specific project?

These days, you have three options for

Change Management support:

Beware:   The Consulting Dilemma

Here's the problem:

None of these three choices give you a viable, meaningful, and permanent solution. Outside consultants are more than willing to do the work for you IF you have the budget. In-house team members who are change management certified have the training but little to no expertise. If you want to see a project goes sideways fast, trust the enthusiastic, inexperienced ones.


These are neither cost-effective, time-effective, or effective.

The problem is...

Gretchen Asher

The Essential CEO

Let me show you how!

Welcome to Option #4

The Essential CEO approach:

The smart option for Change Management combines outside experience and expertise with in-house mentoring. This replaces the consultant ‘merry-go-round’ with a viable, meaningful, and permanent solution. No more headaches, no more ‘sticker shock’ from consultant payables.

In a nutshell, here's exactly how it works...

  • Your selected in-house employees (up to 4 people) will serve as the Change Management resource(s) for your specific project implementation. The more the merrier, the more people up-skilled and the more sharing of the Change Management activities so all dedicated resources learn through hands-on practice during the project.

  • Your employees do NOT need to have Change Management expertise, just a positive attitude and the willingness to grow their own skills to support your organization.

  • We will meet with your people multiple times per week (via video conference) for the duration of the project to guide them step-by-step through every activity to successfully execute the Change Management interventions for the project. This is a Done With You model, not a Done For You model.

  • Each and every CM deliverable is carefully reviewed by us to ensure accuracy and quality. Easy access to our expertise will guide them through the unforeseen challenges that all too often pop up throughout a project.

  • The end result is a smooth implementation and adoption results in a Go Live that seems... seamless and increased Change Management skills in-house with your own people.

This is the best and most cost-effective way for your company to become

a Change Enabled Organization now and for future projects.

How do you become a Change-Enabled Organization?


It starts with your selected employees then transforming them into Change Management Superheroes for specific key projects.


With the proper guidance on a current "real" project, they gain experience & expertise to lead change on all future projects for your organization.


They can then guide others to become Change Superheroes throughout your organization and company.


That's when you're on your way to becoming a Change-Enabled Organization.

Click the button below for a deeper dive into the details.

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