• Your employees will have short, concise recorded training modules explaining each tool/template across the 5 key pillars of the change management methodology; why use it, when to use it, how to use it.

  • They will be able to download and brand each tool/template that is needed to implement change management on the project.

  • Each template is laid out for the most effective & efficient use, ensuring zero time wasted trying to figure things out.

  • Each tool/template is provided with examples for ease of understanding.


  • Regularly scheduled weekly video and/or telephone calls so that we can guide and direct your employees step-by-step through the necessary change management activities to make any project successful.

  • Review of deliverables for accuracy and efficacy.


  • We hold an additional 2 full days per week as Open Office Hours to support your people.

  • Together, we will quickly create an action plan to address any issues that may threaten the success of your initiative.

  • Get instant help via video or telephone conference by simply scheduling time (an hour or multiple hours) with nearly no advance notice via our online scheduling system.


You'll receive a weekly assessment of:

   1 How the change management is progressing on the initiative as a whole and,

   2 How the change team is doing on the project so that leaders are kept in the know,

   3 Activities for the current & upcoming week and any red flags that need mitigation,

   4 Concise measurements for tracking change management activities.

  • We schedule monthly meetings with project leaders & sponsors for 30-60 minutes via video or telephone conference for deeper discussions in all aspects of change management for the project.

  • We provide coaching on how to lead for change so that leaders & sponsors have the right messaging at the right time during the life of the project.

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