to developing a Change-Enabled Organization

Our Approach

T H E   C E O   A P P R O A C H

Activating Change


This is where we “activate” your internal change management team, those selected employees who will implement your current key project and potentially all future projects.


Before they begin, they need to have training in a proven Change Management Methodology. They will learn what activities are needed from the Methodology and when/how to apply the tools during the project life cycle. 

  • Your employees will have short, concise recorded training modules explaining each tool/template across the 5 key pillars of the change management methodology; why use it, when to use it, how to use it.

  • They will be able to download and brand each tool/template that is needed to implement change management on the project.

  • Each template is laid out for the most effective & efficient use, ensuring zero time wasted trying to figure things out.

  • Each tool/template is provided with examples for ease of understanding.


Mentorship in Action


Your people will get started with change management on a real project in your company. We’ll guide your change management superheroes-in-the-making step by step several times per week through the process of planning and implementing the change management activities throughout the life of the project.


They’ll never be second guessing themselves on what, how and when to act. There will be no flying blind. This process of careful guidance and direction will fast-track the trial and error so that by the end of the project, your people are proficient in strategizing and implementing change management.

  • Regularly scheduled weekly video and/or telephone calls so that we can guide and direct your employees step-by-step through the necessary change management activities to make any project successful.

  • Review of deliverables for accuracy and efficacy.


Unforeseen surprises ALWAYS pop up during implementation of strategic projects that tend to threaten adoption and desired outcomes.


For those inexperienced in dealing with unexpected events, it can feel demoralizing and frightening. Open Office Hours are designed to leverage our decades of experience and expertise of overcoming all kinds of surprise challenges.


  • We hold an additional 2 full days per week as Open Office Hours to support your people.

  • Together, we will quickly create an action plan to address any issues that may threaten the success of your initiative.

  • Get instant help via video or telephone conference by simply scheduling time (an hour or multiple hours) with nearly no advance notice via our online scheduling system.



Accountability & course correction are paramount to project success.

It’s important that your Change Management team stays accountable to the project leads & sponsors and the goals of the company. Change Management is erroneously often misunderstood as qualitative, not quantitative. Change Management can, and should be quantitative and it must be operationalized for tracking and measurement.


As leaders and sponsors of an important initiative, you’ll be informed of the activities each week by us.


You'll receive a weekly assessment of:

   1 How the change management is progressing on the initiative as a whole and,

   2 How the change team is doing on the project so that leaders are kept in the know,

   3 Activities for the current & upcoming week and any red flags that need mitigation,

   4 Concise measurements for tracking change management activities.

Leading for Change


Senior leaders provide the authority and credibility necessary for successful change. Without advocacy from leaders, the change effort can only go so far. This helps leaders create a culture of change within their organization.

  • We schedule monthly meetings with project leaders & sponsors for 30-60 minutes via video or telephone conference for deeper discussions in all aspects of change management for the project.

  • We provide coaching on how to lead for change so that leaders & sponsors have the right messaging at the right time during the life of the project.

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