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How to KTBR

(Keep The Business Running)

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In these days of Covid-19, here's how to keep things rolling along.


Here's your

New Normal

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Trends, data, and what to expect when adapting to the New Normal.





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From bullet-proof communications to meeting makeovers, this is your ultimate guide.


Below, you can help yourself to some downloadable templates to use at work. These are designed to get you going in just 10-15 minutes...

Bulletproof Communications

for Change Management

As a leader, you know you need to communicate clearly and frequently about changes that are impacting your organization and your people. But you need a little something to keep you on track and to help you organize what you want to say each week.

This template will give you:

8 Key facets to be a great leader of change

The best things to share when going through an impactful change

Your weekly checklist to keep you on track for every meeting where you want to share about the coming change

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Mastering the

Four Stages of Change

So, you’re a leader of change and you want to help your employees move through the stages of change;


This template will give you:

An easy to understand summary of the four stages of change that your employees go through

A proven strategy to address each phase of change

Description of behavioral indicators you’ll easily recognize in each stage

Description of what you’ll hear people say to be able to identify what stage they are in

Proven strategies you can use for each phase of change that will move people to adoption and acceptance of the change

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The Essential Meeting Makeover:

Be More Productive,

Get Faster Decisions

and Enjoy Shorter Meetings

Jeff Bezos has banned PowerPoint presentations in meetings in favor of a more to the point Briefing Document…but it’s 6 pages in length. Yowser! We’ve streamlined that down to a 2-page template you can use that will breathe life back into your meetings.

This template will give you:

The critical components that will get everyone on the same page within 5-10 minutes of the meeting

Step-by-step instructions to use your new Briefing Document template

A template that guides you in what to say for each segment of the discussion

A complete example to illustrate how the document is used in a real-life issue that many companies experience

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From Resistance to Adoption

Change creates anxiety and fear. People usually fall into 4 different categories responding to change.

This template will give you:

A description of all 4 categories of response and behavior

An action plan to deal with each of the 4 types to unite your employees in favor of the coming change

2 top tips to pair types together to move critics and victims to champions for your change initiative

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More Free Resources!

These resources are part of

The 15-Minute Guide for Leaders Series by The Essential CEO.


These guides are templates designed for you to utilize after a quick

15-minute read.

You'll find templates that will help you with facilitating and leading change management, handling resistance, communication and a mind-blowing template to drive meetings to decisions.

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