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Change Management

Gretchen Asher Speaker Demo Reel

Gretchen Asher Speaker Demo Reel

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Why I want to change CHANGE...

It's long overdue that organizations become change-enabled. I want to help as many as possible build strong in-house capabilities to move up the change management maturity model; from at the lowest level employing change management to ad hoc projects all the way incorporating change management tools as "the way we do business."

What you should know about ME

I’ve seen it all. As a former senior consultant for one of the Big Firms (PwC), I've led the Change Management strategy & execution activities to get your company/organization across  the finish line, only to then move on out of your organization/company as soon as go-live is complete or to a new project within your company. And yes, any consulting firm’s dream is to move from project to project within the same client.


Gretchen Asher

The Essential CEO

Let me show you how!

And they want to staff as many consultants as possible for as many hours as possible. I don't work this way.


I’ve seen this time and time again as change consultants are utilized repeatedly; the organization doesn’t think about the dependency that is created by NOT developing in-house Change Management capability.

I feel it's a tragedy, really.​

I'm here to help organizations move from dabbling with change management to become a change-enabled organization. Let's start with a workshop in your organization!

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Virtual Talk Topics & Workshops

Giving a Presentation

Let me show you how!

Let's Turn Ability Into Agility

The Path from Change Management to Change-Enabled

Although change happens one person and one project at a time, developing change capability means far more than applying a change management methodology on multiple projects. It requires embedding the discipline into the fabric of your entire organization, enabling every person and every project to deliver the benefits your organization needs. Organizations that become change-enabled consider change management a core competency as important as say, marketing, customer service or innovation – it’s integrated into the way they do business.

In this presentation, you’ll learn the 7-Step S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Model for moving your organization from Change Management to Change-Enabled and leave with immediate actions that you can take to begin the path from change management to change-enabled.

Change is tricky to implement within the same culture. Implementing a change management methodology can downright crazy making across many cultures in this global world in which we live. They way to success is to understand the way people react to change based on their cultural mindset.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how you can apply Richard D. Lewis’ Cultural Classes Model to successfully implement your change management methodology across the globe. Understanding the cultural spectrum to which different countries belong will guide you to customize your change management interventions for greater impact and efficacy.

Learn how to customize key change management activities to different cultures for the best success: case for change, securing engagement & buy-in, mobilizing a change network, managing resistance, keeping stakeholders motivated and sustaining the change.

Change Management Across Cultures

One Size Does NOT Fit All


Let me show you how!

How to Turn Everyday Employees into Change Superheros

Summer is filled with highly anticipated superhero movie releases. While superhero epics seem like the Greek mythology of our time, with towering men and women possessing deity-like capabilities to save the world, there is something human in their approach that we corporate warriors can borrow in our change management efforts.

In this presentation for leaders you’ll learn the top 5 things you can do to turn every day employees into change superheroes.

Business People Applauding

Let me show you how!

How do you become a Change-Enabled Organization?


It starts with your selected employees then transforming them into Change Management Superheroes for specific key projects.


With the proper guidance on a current "real" project, they gain experience & expertise to lead change on all future projects for your organization.


They can then guide others to become Change Superheroes throughout your organization and company.


That's when you're on your way to becoming a Change-Enabled Organization.

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